MPS School Board - District 8

Kathryn Gabor

PRIMARY ELECTION: Tuesday, February 19, 2019
GENERAL ELECTION: Tuesday, April 2, 2019

MPS School District 8 Survey:
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My Story

About Kathryn Gabor

15 years of Educator experience, 8 years teaching in MPS, currently a stay at home mom of 2 boys who will both be enrolled in MPS in 2019 school year, advocate for public Montessori education, Spearheading and coordinating of Montessori Advisory Council: engaged in strategic planning for Montessori education in MPS



As a parent, educator and advocate in MPS, I have had a unique opportunity to experience our school system through the lenses of varying perspectives. As a parent, I know we need an opportunity to have a parent voice in how our schools operate. As a teacher, I know what our teachers need in the classroom. As an advocate I have seen what it takes to affect changes in our MPS and I know we need board members who will listen and act. I want to take these perspectives and reconcile them to be an effective board member for District 8.

I believe for District 8 to thrive, we must:

Focus on Teachers and Parent Engagement:

Teachers need to be equipped with the tools required to support every student: manageable class sizes, meaningful professional development, trauma-informed classroom practices and time to prepare and plan their work in the classroom.

Parents can volunteer in our schools, we can help our schools raise money through fundraising, but we do not currently have a real voice in decisions that MPS makes about our schools. MPS holds listening sessions, but then makes decisions with no accountability to its true stakeholders: parents and students. This needs to change, and MPS needs to give parents what we want: programming that works like Montessori, International Baccalaureate, bilingual and arts, to name a few. There should not be schools with waitlists, and families leaving the district while MPS’ enrollment declines.

Strategic Planning for District 8:

MPS has lost 30,000 students since 2003. Regardless, there are programs that are over enrolled and waitlisted. Parents leave the district every year if they don’t get into the program that they want for their child. Families move out of Milwaukee entirely if they don’t feel prospects for their child’s education are here. We can’t let this keep happening. Successful and popular programming needs to be replicated and expanded strategically to bring students back to this district.

Bring money back into MPS:

As enrollment declines in MPS, more than 200 central office positions have been created. MPS doesn’t need more bureaucrats, it needs teachers in the classroom and programs that parents want. Increasing enrollment by keeping Milwaukee families choosing MPS brings tax dollars back to our programming.

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